02.2018 New York, NY


First held in May 2017, which you can read more about here, Social Hacks is a 24-hour, student-run hackathon that brings together students, programmers, technologists, and activists in New York City to collaborate on technological solutions to the toughest challenges that humanity faces today—poverty, climate change, global health, cybersecurity, and more!

Want to know more about Social Hacks? Feel free to shoot us an email at socialhacksnyc@gmail.com or reach out to us on our Facebook.


What is Social Hacks?

We broadly define a “social issue” as any problem that affects a community—including economic, civil liberties/civil rights, health, and environmental issues. Social issues overlap heavily with political issues, but we’d like our hackers to think beyond the issues that politicians talk about all the time.

What should I bring?

Besides your laptop and any necessary technology, you should also bring any toiletries and sleeping bag for the overnight stay! Any food and drinks will be provided by us. :)

How do I form or join a team?

We encourage participants to come with a team beforehand but if you don’t have a team, that’s alright! There’ll be a team networking event where you can meet people like you who are ready to build the next big thing!

So, what can hackers make?

Broadly speaking, any technological solution or partial solution to a social issue or software project that helps us better understand an issue (such as a data analysis program, a website, or a computer animation) that involves a significant amount of engineering and/or computer programming.

What's the Code of Conduct?

All hackers, mentors, sponsors, and organizers who participate in Social Hacks must follow the Hack Code of Conduct throughout the event. Basically, this means no harassment or discrimination of any kind, including bullying, inappropriate touching, or photographing anyone who has explicitly asked you not to.


Interested in sponsoring?

And shoot us an email at socialhacksnyc@gmail.com!